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Shopping Texas Style | Part I

Southwestern Photojournalism Conference. Best conference ever. For one weekend a year, I turn into a super techie nerd (Brad Moore, don’t laugh). Portfolio critiques all day every day! 2 minute show? Sure! Website talk over a meal (or two) at Old South, career conversations at all hours of the night, and dance parties on the way home. The conference is in Fort Worth, Texas, which makes it quite the trek. Totally worth it though!
This year, I decided to do the student workshop, which rocked. I was in a small group with freelancer Stephen McGee (New York Times and Wall Street Journal) and photographer/videographer Garrett Hubbard (USA Today, New York Times, and so on), and they are super news photojournalists. They are not only that, but they are also great men of God who are passionate about storytelling.
During a phone call to check in with Garrett during shoot time, he said to me, “Don’t just take photos of beautiful inanimate objects.” I was like…well…I am toast…can he read my photo radar?? I am not even on the same block as him!!! “Oh yes, for sure not. Definitely not,” (or something like that) I replied. Man oh man. Haha! But it was awesome. It was so interesting to go through all of the shots from the day with them.
So…Here are some of my photos from shooting time. While others were seeking out the cowboys and the cattle, I went shopping! Whoopsies.

Press play: Rockin’ Chair by John Lee Hooker (dedicated to Liza Beck)…

More on the conference later…with maybe some wise words from like, uh, Jeremy Cowart. And shopping Texas style part two. Oh! And I still owe you a post on Ming’s purchase from Nando! Stay tuned.

Much love! Don’t get buried beneath the books and articles and interviews and paint chips like I am! Grief.


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Louisville Lovin’

This past weekend was the best of the best! I went to Louisville with TJ to visit his family and play around town. I couldn’t have dreamt of anyone better than him as my Valentine. We ate some really awesome (big as my head) pizza, vintage* shopped (Louisville=good vintage dresses goldmine… unfortunately for my bank account), went to our favorite coffee shop more than once, celebrated three little one’s birthdays, drank chicory every morning, and TJ made me the tastiest Bourbon Ball French Toast. Oh yes, and my gifts were Chanel themed with a Karen Elson 7 inch vinyl thrown in there too. Out. Of. Control.
TUNES: “A Sunday Smile” by Beirut…

Louisville is such a great city… Unfortunately, this weekend was much too short. It’s a good thing we will be back in about a month for the wedding of Rebekah and Ben!
This week will also be a good one, with a show at the Poorhouse (performances by Micah Dalton , Jon Black FROM BIRMINGHAM, and my man TJ Hester) AND a Friday night show from one of my favorites, Will Gray, with Gretel. Will Gray shows are a blast and I am so excited to see him perform again!

Here’s to Tuesday! Have a good one, folks.

*See previous post that excuses me and lets me say vintage as much as I want.


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Last weekend I was in Nashville, as you know. It. Was. A. Blast. Such a good break, but we also got to learn so much and spend time with such awesome folks in the industry of photography and journalism. Big thanks to Todd Starnes of Fox News for speaking and even hanging out with us over frozen yogurt (yummm)!
Anyways, most of these shots are from Broadway. It is so country and so hilarious. There is so much music on the street and there are soooo many cowboy boots. I think it is great, but only for a certain amount of timeā€¦If you are in the mood for it.

On this particular day, I totally was.

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