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Please look at how gorgeous these photographs are. Maria took them with her disposable. Unbelievable. Except not, because they are real. They were in the group of photos we found on Tuesday.

Listen to this James Blake song, “Lindesfarne II.” It is equally as serendipitous as Maria’s photos. TJ did a very very good thing when he showed me James. I want to listen to him day and night. Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about an artist since…Phoenix! Or TJ, when he released his album Tradition, which you can download here.
Anywho, press PLAY for James.

IT IS FRIDAY!!! Yes, yes, yes! Have the happiest of weekends.

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Unexpected Findings

Tuesday at Hartland as we were selecting the final images to frame for the community center, laundry room, and office, we found some real gems from last semester that we had somehow overlooked in the past. Jared, one of the guys in photography class, has some wonderful images and this is one of them! It caught everyone’s eye right away.

Next week we plan to hang everything up! This weekend will be a big put-the-frames-together party if anyone would like to help!

PLAY: “Ghostwriter” by RJD2

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Last Day!

Our time at Hartland came to an end for the semester this week. It has been an awesome season with the kids. The photo classes were able to do a lot of work and shoot so many different things: fashion, elderly people, friends, and even their own environment. This past Tuesday the students that were faithful to the photo class got to present their best picture and talk about their images. It was such an incredibly sweet time… one of the older boys is graduating high school and it was Chanel’s last day (the amazing person that has coordinated everything for the past two years) since she is also graduating! So joyful, nonetheless. I was once again reminded of what a gift photographs can be. Moreover, I am so thankful that photography allows me to build relationships with such amazing people and kids. I am continually learning from the people at Hartland, and this place would not be the same without that in my life.

these next photos are taken by little ones…

We’ll see what next fall brings!
(Okay, yes I know there are way too many photos of Amarion, but he is my love!)


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Amarion forgot his backpack.
Tutor session turned to play time.

[Nap time was over for this little one, therefore he was sad. Nonetheless, dad felt it would be an opportune photo time.]

[New teeth, that is all.]

[Check out that outfit. Also, she is a jump rope queen.]

[Heyyyyyy lets play!]


[Toys are flyin’.]

[Sibling love.]

[She never stops.]

[Asia’s momma and daddy.]

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sartorialists from hartland!

last week we taught our Hartland class a little bit about street fashion photography. they looked at magazines and a handful of scott schuman and garance dore’s images, and we related those to how they can look at things differently even at their school and in their city.
today we got to bring a couple of the girls from Hartland to ussssss today! they got to photograph students that they considered fashionable. i think andrea and terrikah really enjoyed seeing the various clothes, people, and style here! while andrea was more shy, terrikah gave her subjects serious instructions. all in all though, our goal is to make them feel special, and i hope this day did exactly that.
here are a few of andrea’s images:
[beautiful haley]

[tj hester, certified hipster- hahaha]

…. and some of mine….
[beth with the girls]

[the super awesome featured photographer, andrea]

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Land of Harts

It’s good to be back at hartland again.
These are my loves.


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