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The Summer House

There are longer days, columned entrances, front porches, watered plants, and wildflowers. Friends and family will be visiting for the next few weekends or so and I will enjoy every bit of it until the summer is whisked away from all of us! Let’s try not to think about that yet though!

PLAY // Summertime by Billie Holiday

The Louisville post is up next!!


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At Home in Tennessee

I present to you the charming Hilary Borden in the Neil House at Casey Jones Village…so many more images to come and a behind the scenes video of the shoot!

PLAY // “Lover Man” by Billie Holiday

Wednesday night I sat in my little room looking at cotton candy pink roses (that my loved one, TJ, gave me) as if they were TV. Lately, not too many things can make me happier than roses (I’m sure you’ve picked up on that…way too much flower talk). I looked over at them so many times as I was reading Four Spirits, waiting to go downstairs for shelter. The rain and the storms have come and gone though, and sunshine thankfully followed…giving us just enough time to have a dinner of arugula and tomato pizza outdoors…which was followed by 31 cent ice cream scoops at Baskin-Robbins.

Last night I might have just loved Jackson, Tennessee.


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Pretty Things and a Welcome Home

Home again home again!
When I arrived, I went upstairs and found a massive stack of magazines (including Elle UK), macaroons from Continental Bakery, fresh flowers, a bag of ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome” coffee, and the arbor outside my window covered in yellow confederate jasmine.
PLAY: “Blue Skies” from Noah and the Whale’s album, The First Days of Spring

Being at home is such a relief from being away at school. I can’t wait to go to Louisville on Wednesday, though!
Happy Spring Break, dears!


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Unpack, Only to Pack Again!

One day to be at home. But one is better than none!! Sooooo glad to be done with everything. And tomorrow I vacate! I’ll stop being busy??? For one week of greatness. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

|I Found these when I got home from my sweet mother.|

|Vintage silk robe, from Hong Kong, bought at Double-Take in Santa Fe. It’s wild…but I love it so.|

More love to come from NC to come!

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is where I am ready to be.

Listen: Patty Griffin.
[Photos taken in Birmingham in my parent’s kitchen. January.]

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Meet Mr. Drew

One of the cutest, and not to mention sweetest, little boys I know.
When plan A got rained out, I came up with a plan B. Then plan B was a flop, so I decided on plan C–and loved the result. Consider these photos to be simply drew.

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