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Let’s Vacate for the Weekend

Mmmmm…. Louisville was wonderful! We antiqued like there was no tomorrow, strolled through Bardstown Road, lounged around, played with some kiddos, spent all of Sunday at Sojourn, and saw the movie we have all been waiting for, Tree of Life. It was a lovely weekend, and I was sad to see it go!

PLAY // Minnesota, WI by Bon Iver

Now I bring to you…a very condensed Louisville dining guide! We brunched every day and had amazing dinners. Eiderdown was a new restaurant for me, and I loved it! You must go and get the popcorn as your appetizer! Crazy, I know, but it is Louisville. Everything is quirky. Spinelli’s is one of my favorites; its the wildest place and the white pizza blows my mind every single time. Lynn’s Paradise Cafe is the tackiest restaurant I have ever seen (it is like that on purpose…a total tourist trap) and I can’t get enough of it. Their breakfast is to die for, and the servings are massive. The crepes from Java Brewing Co. get me every time as well. Delicious. In addition, Ramsi’s Cafe on the World is still my number one Louisville favorite… they specialize in dishes from numerous cultures. Once you take one bite of your Egyptian dish (or whatever you choose), you are transported across the seas. Okay, now I have to explain why there are so many photos of that one muffin. Well, that is because it is the best muffin in the world. The little guy is from Quills Coffee, the best shop in Louisville, and it is blackberry banana chocolate chip. Yes, all of those things combined with an orange on the side make it the best muffin ever. Therefore, it deserves a few photos, right? Also, they have amazing red lattes there. I look forward to getting one every time we visit! So much food talk! Grief. But vacation is about the food and the company, so I would say that it was definitely an amazing getaway to the Hester household!


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Ladies Primping

Rebekah and Ben’s wedding weekend in Louisville was filled with bliss! I was so very happy to be a part of the celebration with them. That Saturday, TJ & I ran the necessary last minute errands and I got to hang around the house while everyone got ready (drinking more than a necessary amount of coffee). Trying not to get in this photographer’s way, I shot the ladies as they prepared for the ceremony! Rebekah looked exquisite, and her bridesmaids were so very sweet. The Hester’s room is great and it was the perfect space to get ready in. I love the rituals that a bride goes through to prepare for her wedding… so symbolic and beautiful. I hope these images resemble a figment of every girl’s imagination, and give you a look into the unknown world of ladies primping for a bride’s special day.

PLAY: “Breathe” by Telepopmusik…

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Nando Jones, Sweet Ming, and Live on the Moon!

Isn’t Ming Tay just the loveliest? She is so beautiful and she has such a great style that is entirely Ming Tay. This particular night, a Nando Jones dress met Topshop shoes, and the two paired wonderfully. Although the focus was entirely on the Nando portion. Vintage is just so good (of course I am saying that because I just came back from Louisville with a renewed sense of vintage self, whatever that means) and I love seeing it on Ming.

Anyways, moving on from Ming and Nando… coming back to Tennessee is so bittersweet. The opportunity to be able to dive back into Hartland is such a blessing and planning photo shoots with Kristi McMurray is always a blast, but I can’t help but wish to be back in Birmingham or Louisville! Coming down from the high of break is not so nice, but such as life, you know? It is just that Spring Break was really delicious. I got to dine with dearest Aubrey at Chez Fon Fon, get afternoon coffee with the fabulous Emily Davis, spend days with my mother, watch snow fall on Rebekah and Ben’s wedding day (WHICH WAS A GORGEOUS EVENT), eat Moroccan food at my favorite Louisville restaurant, and run around town with Mr. TJ. I also got to visit Sojourn, where TJ will be working this summer! I am so very proud of him, because it is such an honor to intern there. God has been so good to us!
So… that was break in a nutshell. A very small and wonderful nutshell.

And now finally, I present to you Lykke Li live on the moon! Enjoy. (And look out for a review of her music on the C&C website!)


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Louisville Lovin’

This past weekend was the best of the best! I went to Louisville with TJ to visit his family and play around town. I couldn’t have dreamt of anyone better than him as my Valentine. We ate some really awesome (big as my head) pizza, vintage* shopped (Louisville=good vintage dresses goldmine… unfortunately for my bank account), went to our favorite coffee shop more than once, celebrated three little one’s birthdays, drank chicory every morning, and TJ made me the tastiest Bourbon Ball French Toast. Oh yes, and my gifts were Chanel themed with a Karen Elson 7 inch vinyl thrown in there too. Out. Of. Control.
TUNES: “A Sunday Smile” by Beirut…

Louisville is such a great city… Unfortunately, this weekend was much too short. It’s a good thing we will be back in about a month for the wedding of Rebekah and Ben!
This week will also be a good one, with a show at the Poorhouse (performances by Micah Dalton , Jon Black FROM BIRMINGHAM, and my man TJ Hester) AND a Friday night show from one of my favorites, Will Gray, with Gretel. Will Gray shows are a blast and I am so excited to see him perform again!

Here’s to Tuesday! Have a good one, folks.

*See previous post that excuses me and lets me say vintage as much as I want.


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21c and the Like…

Louisville. First thing I want to say about the town is that they have SO MANY VINTAGE STORES. I was in heaven. Who even knows how I didn’t break the bank! It was the greatest weekend. The amount of quality restaurants they have is also out of control. Lots and lots and lots of good eats. In addition, we walked around 21c Museum Hotel. It is my duty to always give you the facts about these locations, and Conde Nast Traveler voted it 2009 #1 best hotel in America, #6 in the world. HOW??? Yes, it is very cool and hip, but I don’t know about NUMBER ONE. I am not even sure if I would want to stay there on a vaca, too much art art art. Am I in a museum or am I on vacation?? It would be confusing. A bit odd for me, but fun for an hour or so. But yes, many folks love the 21c Museum Hotel, and if you do, no judgment here…I’ll just stick to Ojai… for now.

But as for the rest of Louisville, I want to keep on coming back and back again. My love for it abounds.


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