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High Hampton Inn, How I Love Thee

I am convinced that High Hampton Inn is the perfect place to vacation. When my mom made our reservations early on in the year, I dreamt about it for months before we actually made our voyage! Basically, happy thoughts of High Hampton Inn got me through the semester that I never thought would end!
What is so phenomenal about it? It is simple. It is old-fashioned. It is peaceful. This particular trip to High Hampton was with my mother, grandmother, aunt, and uncle. The ladies in my family love to talk, and the multiple porches and long dinners provided ample opportunity for us to do so. As a girl who loves to devour magazine pages, the atmosphere begged for me to take the time to do that as well. We took walks around the property, ate delicious food in the dining room, dressed up for dinner (a mandatory rule the inn has made that I am obsessed with), mingled with other guests, participated in post dinner bingo and afternoon tea, tried out the new “Hampton Market,” and slept with the windows open at night. I even got the privilege of going to the High Hampton Inn Spa! It was an absolute pleasure. When that kind of treatment is involved, who cares whether or not there is internet, phone service, or air conditioning?
This vacation meant so much to me, because it was not only a breath of fresh air after an insane semester, but also such a sweet time with my family. I have a feeling that many guests leave with that same thought as well. That is just what the Inn does, it provides the perfect opportunity for you to relax and enjoy one another’s company.
I will let these images speak for themselves, and hopefully you will be able to understand a little bit more of what High Hampton Inn is like. I crave it every summer, and I hope to keep going there for years to come!

PLAY // Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low by James Vincent McMorrow


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Gap Teeth. Muscles. Sweet Kicks.

Devon, age 5, immediately after showing off his break dancing moves.
Just one of the many reasons I love Hartland.

PLAY // Dance or Die by Janelle Monae


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At Home in Tennessee

I present to you the charming Hilary Borden in the Neil House at Casey Jones Village…so many more images to come and a behind the scenes video of the shoot!

PLAY // “Lover Man” by Billie Holiday

Wednesday night I sat in my little room looking at cotton candy pink roses (that my loved one, TJ, gave me) as if they were TV. Lately, not too many things can make me happier than roses (I’m sure you’ve picked up on that…way too much flower talk). I looked over at them so many times as I was reading Four Spirits, waiting to go downstairs for shelter. The rain and the storms have come and gone though, and sunshine thankfully followed…giving us just enough time to have a dinner of arugula and tomato pizza outdoors…which was followed by 31 cent ice cream scoops at Baskin-Robbins.

Last night I might have just loved Jackson, Tennessee.


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Mondays are Only Good When Aunts Come to Town

I thought I would give you a little polaroid lovin this overcast Tuesday! I shot this in Spring of 2009.

My sweet Aunt Mary came to visit me yesterday, and I basically took a mini vacation while she was here! I even stayed at a hotel with her. Plush bed, yes please, thank you. She also fed TJ & me so well and took us to our favorite place in town, Flat Iron Grille (the very best restaurant here), after I spoke at Town & Gown! More on that later. For now, amongst the craziness, I say thank goodness for family, loves, luxurious hotel beds, and scrumptious food!

PLAY: “You Came to Me” by Beach House…

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A Month of Saturdays

…is what I am wishing for!

We all relaxed for most of the day on Saturday, and it was delicious. The day consisted of: waking up late, taking a walk, making tomato and fontina cheese omelets in the afternoon (for breakfast), napping, working, and girls night! Our windows were open all day long and it felt glorious. Strange how the night before I was shivering with my big coat on… do I foresee another tornado warning? We shall see.

For now, I am still dreaming of more Saturdays to come! And looking forward to time in Texas this week for the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference! Yayyyyyy!

Here is an AWESOME Kistsune Noir playlist by Pollyn to soothe the Monday blues (I know I’ve got ’em today)…
Do yourself some good and press play (its an hour long!!):

There are more great things to come this week, like a behind the scenes look at the Billy Reid Spring 2011 Campaign and Ming Tay’s new purchase from Nando Jones!


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Alesia in the Studio!

Let me guess what you are thinking. “Didn’t she do that shoot forever ago??” The answer is yes. I know, it is terrible that I am just now busting them out! Although the clothes are not the brightly colored mismatched patterned goodness that is coming at us this Spring, they are the clothes for everyday. For me, this shoot was more about collaboration than anything else. It was SO MUCH fun planning and combining ideas and thoughts! Shooting in the studio is not my forte… I hope to get better at it as time goes on. I ripped up many-a-Vogue for lighting and modeling ideas, and presented them to mastermind Jim Veneman. We met and he helped me do the lighting setup days ahead. Kristi McMurry had been pumping ideas into my head for months and helped me to recreate the lighting on the actual shooting day. Haley Gallagher, who is an amazing stylist, helped with the clothing and makeup. She compiled pieces from multiple closets to come up with cohesive looks. TJ Hester, poor guy, helped me transport so many shoes, clothes, and beauty products. Margaret Brinson worked some flip magic and came up with some fun little videos (which you can see HERE and HERE on her blog). She also helped me make a noteworthy playlist for our time in the studio. Last but not least, Alesia Fisher (the superstar of the whole ordeal) was absolutely incredible. She works so very hard at school and her job, and she somehow fit me in. I met her for the first time doing this shoot and she exceeded my expectations (which were already pretty darn high)! She played a huge part in figuring out and doing her own makeup (she can do eyes like no other).

Basically, a big thank you goes to everyone who helped out. It was so meaningful to me because I never could have done it by myself! It was a great learning experience, and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such talented people.

*Check out the behind the scenes post! And this one too!

“Keep It Fascinating” by Major Lazer & La Roux


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In Love…

This is one of my favorite images from Cairo. It is difficult to explain why…it just felt like something special when I shot it.

A brother holding his sister’s hand as they walk home from school… such sweet love.

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JUSTIN + WHITNEY :: meridian, mississippi

Whitney and Justin were such a pleasure to work with. They are both incredibly down to earth people, so they made the day so easy and fun! I wish them many more years to come, and I hope they love these images forever!
Humongous thanks to TJ Hester for assisting me, shooting loads of film, and making stunning photographs. Every time he gets any film back, I am always like, “What in the world?! This is so amazing!!!!!” and Whitney and Justin’s photographs were no exception.

AND Guess what? Professional prints from their day can be purchased on my INSTAPROOFS SITE! I will ship them to ya! And they will look so nice.

Thanks again Justin and Whitney!

One more thing! Check out my UPDATED wedding portfolio site HERE!! Pretty please?


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To Have & To Hold

TJ got the film back today from Matt and Katherine’s wedding he assisted me on, and I adore some of his shots.
We had so much fun being in Memphis for their day (the perfect excuse to stay with friend Kathleen Murray, eat at Houston’s, have Illy coffee EVERY day, and do an Etsy photo shoot for Erika Schnatterly). Also, their wedding party was so much fun AND I got to play a role I never have in a wedding… THE MAKEUP ARTIST. Hahaha I LOVED IT.
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Morse!!!

More to come later…. today I am en route to California!!

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SALLIE + PATRICK :: fayetteville, arkansas

Sallie’s dress was beautifully refined and not to mention humongous (while Sallie is tiny), and Patrick couldn’t have looked more dapper in his grey suit.
A day of bliss. Total bliss, people.

All I have to give them is a big whopping thanks! …For letting me photograph their wedding; a first for me, having entire responsibility of the day. And man oh man did I learn! While also having so much fun!! Clearly, the entire wedding party was a pleasure, and the bride and groom (my dear friends) couldn’t have treated me any better! The preparation, the ceremony, and the reception, were all gorgeous. I mean it. I want to keep blabbing, but just see for yourself!

BIG THANKS to Kate Allen for assisting me. Some of these images are hers and she did such a fabulous job!
Also, thanks to TJ Hester for putting these images together and posting them, all while I was in flight.


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