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Darlings: Whitney + Justin!

This weekend was wonderful… TJ and I shot the Gardner’s wedding in Mississippi! TJ shot oodles of film, and I handled the digital. The results will be gorgeous, I just know it! It was a delightful day, full of love and family. They were such a sweet couple, and their story is adorable. I am so glad these two fine people found each other!

Congrats Whitney and Justin, and have a fabulous honeymoon!!


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Today is Valentine’s Day. Personally, I am a huge fan of the chocolate-filled celebration. People are often confused by my adoration of it. Really I think it is wonderful because it is a time to take note of those around you whom you love. No, that person may not be a beau, but don’t forget about the rest of individuals surrounding you—the people who walk by your side everyday. There are so many people in my life that have gotten me through ups and downs, and made the ride all the more interesting.
Therefore, delight in the love that surrounds you. Whether that be a love of family, friends, or if you are so blessed, a lover. Through all of the hullabaloo and swirl of pink and red décor, don’t forget to honor One who gave us the ability to love.
OH YES, and I am starting this blog because I love photographs. I hope you will enjoy mine as I share them with you!


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