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Pretty Things and a Welcome Home

Home again home again!
When I arrived, I went upstairs and found a massive stack of magazines (including Elle UK), macaroons from Continental Bakery, fresh flowers, a bag of ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome” coffee, and the arbor outside my window covered in yellow confederate jasmine.
PLAY: “Blue Skies” from Noah and the Whale’s album, The First Days of Spring

Being at home is such a relief from being away at school. I can’t wait to go to Louisville on Wednesday, though!
Happy Spring Break, dears!


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Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday…it is full of love, thankfulness, stuffed mailboxes, chocolate, and presents! There truly are so many things to be thankful for.
Also, this blog is now one year old! I appreciate your readership!! Words, encouragement, and love from others are the things that keep me going in my venture with photography.
As for today, I hope everyone can be reminded of people that love and care for them, regardless if that includes beau or not!
As for this post, here is a peek at my room, my inspiration (wall of models, etc. that Kate Allen wants to draw pants on), my red dress from Closet Case Vintage, and some of my favorite Valentines… I collect vintage ones, and TJ continually gives me the cutest ones (see the “There are other fish in the sea but you OTTer be with me” one below). Cheesy, yeah, but WHO CARES its VALENTINE’S DAY, people!!!! I am overflowing with cheesiness today!

LISTEN: Heartbreaker (for all of you bitter about this day, this one’s for you…even though it is such a fun song!), a Laidback Luke Remix featuring John Legend by MSTRKRFT.

AO:”Did I say vintage too many times??!”
TJ: “I don’t think so…”
AO:”But I said it a lot. I don’t know if talking about vintage too much is good or bad.”
TJ: “Well…I think it is okay (insert philosophy of why its ok for me to say vintage a lot*).”

vintage |╦łvintij| adjective
1 vintage French wine: high-quality, quality, choice, select, prime, superior, best.
2 vintage automobiles: classic, ageless, timeless; old, antique, heritage, historic.
3 the trumpet fanfare is vintage Beecham: characteristic, typical, pure, prime, trademark, classic.
…The other words did not quite work. I tried!!

*I’ll go with that.


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Travel Time

TUNES: “Clap Your Hands” by Sia

I have been going from place to place… car to plane to car again… for so many days now! No complaints though (except for missin’ my beau). Being in transportation gives me time to seriously devour the January Elle UK and about 12 other magazines (and drink a lot of coffee, and read some books [yeah right], and edit, and listen to tunes, and plan my life for the upcoming year, and blah blah blah)!
For now, here goes school time and Tennessee living.

Also, note that this is now the month of LOVE!!!!!!!! VALENTINES DAY IS COMING!

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