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The Truth is in the Dirt

This antebellum home, the Neil House, is one of the oldest houses in Tennessee, and it is absolutely incredible. It is currently being renovated, and the finished product will be breathtaking. Big time thanks to Clark Shaw at Casey Jones Village for so kindly letting us shoot there, even though the restoration won’t be complete until fall of next year. I hope you love looking at these images as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

PLAY // The Truth is in the Dirt, sung by model Karen Elson…

plus a few by TJ Hester… they’re so dreamy and he is a master at old film cameras…

Model: Hilary Borden
Makeup and styling: Ming Tay and myself
Assistant: Maria Ferrera
Art Director/second shooter/film changer man: TJ Hester
Video: Margaret Brinson
Much thanks to all of the above who helped out!

See Kristi’s shots on her flickr today as well!
And in case you didn’t see the behind the scenes post…click here!


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Alesia in the Studio!

Let me guess what you are thinking. “Didn’t she do that shoot forever ago??” The answer is yes. I know, it is terrible that I am just now busting them out! Although the clothes are not the brightly colored mismatched patterned goodness that is coming at us this Spring, they are the clothes for everyday. For me, this shoot was more about collaboration than anything else. It was SO MUCH fun planning and combining ideas and thoughts! Shooting in the studio is not my forte… I hope to get better at it as time goes on. I ripped up many-a-Vogue for lighting and modeling ideas, and presented them to mastermind Jim Veneman. We met and he helped me do the lighting setup days ahead. Kristi McMurry had been pumping ideas into my head for months and helped me to recreate the lighting on the actual shooting day. Haley Gallagher, who is an amazing stylist, helped with the clothing and makeup. She compiled pieces from multiple closets to come up with cohesive looks. TJ Hester, poor guy, helped me transport so many shoes, clothes, and beauty products. Margaret Brinson worked some flip magic and came up with some fun little videos (which you can see HERE and HERE on her blog). She also helped me make a noteworthy playlist for our time in the studio. Last but not least, Alesia Fisher (the superstar of the whole ordeal) was absolutely incredible. She works so very hard at school and her job, and she somehow fit me in. I met her for the first time doing this shoot and she exceeded my expectations (which were already pretty darn high)! She played a huge part in figuring out and doing her own makeup (she can do eyes like no other).

Basically, a big thank you goes to everyone who helped out. It was so meaningful to me because I never could have done it by myself! It was a great learning experience, and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such talented people.

*Check out the behind the scenes post! And this one too!

“Keep It Fascinating” by Major Lazer & La Roux


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The 11.7.10 Shoot!!

So many shoes! So many clothes! The cutest model ever!
This is a glimpse behind the scenes of the shoot I did… with the help of Kristi Mcmurry, Haley Gallagher, Margaret Brinson, and Alesia Fisher….

Each one of the ladies did different things (I will explain later!!) and I was so grateful for them all. I hope you like the photos when I post them soon…I am not really a studio gal, but I figured I needed to give it a try, and if I was going to give it a try I was going to go all out!


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The Other Way Around

In between Hartland and an online staff meeting, I very quickly modeled for Kristi Mcmurry! I just wore some pieces a seller wanted her to photograph. Let me tell you… I love hanging out with Kristi! She is totally the older and wiser photography (used to be student) gal that took me under her wing as a wee little freshman. Ever since then it has been a blast! We are always scheming up new ideas for photo shoots. Maybe once the “dream team” unites again, we will bring you one stellar shoot. Until then… a little Kristi Mcmurry for you!

p.s. She is carrying boxes of things that sellers have mailed to her to photo. You wouldn’t believe some of the things she gets! Or the things I had to wear! Hahaha

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