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High Hampton Inn, How I Love Thee

I am convinced that High Hampton Inn is the perfect place to vacation. When my mom made our reservations early on in the year, I dreamt about it for months before we actually made our voyage! Basically, happy thoughts of High Hampton Inn got me through the semester that I never thought would end!
What is so phenomenal about it? It is simple. It is old-fashioned. It is peaceful. This particular trip to High Hampton was with my mother, grandmother, aunt, and uncle. The ladies in my family love to talk, and the multiple porches and long dinners provided ample opportunity for us to do so. As a girl who loves to devour magazine pages, the atmosphere begged for me to take the time to do that as well. We took walks around the property, ate delicious food in the dining room, dressed up for dinner (a mandatory rule the inn has made that I am obsessed with), mingled with other guests, participated in post dinner bingo and afternoon tea, tried out the new “Hampton Market,” and slept with the windows open at night. I even got the privilege of going to the High Hampton Inn Spa! It was an absolute pleasure. When that kind of treatment is involved, who cares whether or not there is internet, phone service, or air conditioning?
This vacation meant so much to me, because it was not only a breath of fresh air after an insane semester, but also such a sweet time with my family. I have a feeling that many guests leave with that same thought as well. That is just what the Inn does, it provides the perfect opportunity for you to relax and enjoy one another’s company.
I will let these images speak for themselves, and hopefully you will be able to understand a little bit more of what High Hampton Inn is like. I crave it every summer, and I hope to keep going there for years to come!

PLAY // Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low by James Vincent McMorrow


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For the Love of Dovetail

Owner of Dovetail Antiques, Sally Johannessen, curates her merchandise beautifully. It is evident that every item was hand-picked by her, and that there is a story behind each as well. She tells me of her travels to France (where much of her goods come from) and flea markets abroad. Her passion for gorgeous things of old is infectious, and going in Dovetail is an absolute pleasure. Her doves will even greet you at the door as they coo to one another! So sweet. To decorate a home full of these antiques would be divine!
PLAY // La Javanaise by Madeleine Peyroux

If you are ever in the mountains of Cashiers, North Carolina vacationing, do take a peek in Dovetail!

Also, totally unrelated…but look at this POST by Garance Dore. It is about a museum exhibition and it looks incredible! If only I could see it in real life! Anyone want to go to France with me? We could bring back Sally some antiques…


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Hobnob Restaurant | Brevard, NC.

This restaurant was totally delicious and equally good looking. We stopped in Brevard for lunch on our way to Highlands, and went to a couple of places.
This tomato basil soup has a bajillion ingredients in it, which makes it quite tasty.

Also, meet my dear Grandmother…

She told us last night, “I have earned every single one of my wrinkles.” Now, is that quote worthy or what??

More from the NC mountains later!

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Here, you see…the weather is cooler, the altitude is higher, the mountains are bigger, and the coffee tastes better.
Off to Santa Fe for lunch now!! Done working for the day, time to play.

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A Little Bit of Everything

Today we are working on what we have documented thus far and then venturing elsewhere, but first I wanted to share some more photographs from my time here. It’s barely the third day of this trip, but we have done everything from stopping to look at Billy the Kid’s grave… to drinking Mexican lattes (heaven)… to hiking up a mountain when the light was about to say goodnight!

I am so very happy.

|Amanda waiting at the hotel.|

|The flying star cafe.|

|A mexican latte and Interview magazine at the Flying Star Cafe.|

|On the mountain.|

|Amanda feeling at home.|


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Hello New Mexico!

New Mexico is a place for…
tornadoes of sand (I know, crazy),
cowboy hats (which also means cowboys… and cowgirls),
snow on mountains (yeah, believe it),
tumbleweeds (we got way too excited about those),
dry air (I am a fan),
and listening to Ryan Adams (nothing but him for hours of driving).

Drinking canned watermelon juice, zooming across the desert, I decided… I like New Mexico.

While covering various stories in this land, we are definitely working, but having loads and loads of fun. Every meal is an adventure, and so far our entire schedule has basically revolved around, “Where are we eating next??” My kind of traveling.

|Whitney beside Route 66.|

|Antique shopping in Bernalillo.|

|Hats and hats.|

|Walking on a dirt road.|

|No longer Anita’s Mexican Food.|

|Gonzalez outside of The Corner Store.|


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