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Up and Gone

Polaroid documentation at Karen Elson’s old vintage store, Venus & Mars.

Only one week of classes left for this semester!! Wahoooooo!!!

PLAY // You’ve Got the Love by Florence and the Machine

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CMT and Annie Leibovitz…

Every semester the photojournalism students take a trip to meet with various photographers, and I have to say this was definitely one of our best day trips! We met with Brett Warren at CMT and he gave us the grand tour.

When we finally sat down for a little Q&A, he further explained about his internship with ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. Yes, you heard me, ANNIE LEIBOVITZ. He has shared a cookie with her. He has assisted her multiple times. I. CANNOT. IMAGINE.
Brett is an incredible photographer, (look at his personal work here and on flickr) and I would not doubt it if he were the next Annie. He makes props…designs costumes and sets…and creates absolutely rich photos. He said he likes to layer it on as much as possible! Believe it or not, Brett uses Photoshop very little…mainly to adjust color, “to tell more about the people in the photos.”

[Here are some of his sketches for an upcoming shoot!!]

[rocketown is where we went to view some of his work]

What an amazing an inspiring trip!


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Last weekend I was in Nashville, as you know. It. Was. A. Blast. Such a good break, but we also got to learn so much and spend time with such awesome folks in the industry of photography and journalism. Big thanks to Todd Starnes of Fox News for speaking and even hanging out with us over frozen yogurt (yummm)!
Anyways, most of these shots are from Broadway. It is so country and so hilarious. There is so much music on the street and there are soooo many cowboy boots. I think it is great, but only for a certain amount of time…If you are in the mood for it.

On this particular day, I totally was.

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Hatch Show Print!!!

Little did I know that I would spend part of my weekend in Nashville photographing at Hatch Show Print! It is one of the oldest letterpress businesses in America, and I have admired their work for quite some time now.

At the Baptist Press Conference this past weekend, all photo groups were sent out on assignment. After Gary Fong showed and spoke about many of his own images, he explained the assignment to us and sent us to the streets. “People working,” is basically the only description we got. I knew right away where I wanted to go. Hatch Show Print! Duh! Their craftsmanship should be so valued today amidst a society that adores immediacy. Every poster is made by hand, and tons of MAJOR Nashville artists use them constantly. Anthroplogie has even collaborated with them in the past!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved taking them. I wish I could have spent more time there!

More from the trip to come… It was a blast. And all of the photos will be from my disposable camera. I basically ran around saying “let me take your disposable!!!” to everyone all weekend. I’m practicing so I know what it will be like for the Hartland girls to shoot with them! YAYY


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Day Trippin!

All the way to Nashville I jammed and bopped to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a mix made by Margaret (a wild compilation of tunes including GaGa, Metric, and even some Jay-Z… I am not ashamed).
I made the trip to meet my parents and show them some of my favorite Nashville hot spots! It began with lunch at Provence in Hillsboro Village. I got my European fix of mozzarella and tomato salad and orange Pellegrino soda. Afterwards we roamed around the village…stopping to get some flavored coffee (I chose Amaretto Royale this time)…looking at used books, and trying on vintage finds (I found a pretty, Casablanca-worthy caramel trench for $20).

Let me tell you something…my mother and I are totally obsessed with stationery. Fine stationery. We indulge. I didn’t but a thing, but took many photos instead, to share with you! The store, Social Graces, is one of my favorites (not beating some others in NYC or Colorado, but it sure comes close).

After that round of stores, I dragged my parents to Venus and Mars, The Showroom. The house is nestled on Belmont Blvd. next to Chah Chah, one of my other favorite places to dine when I am in Nashville (the Mexican hot chocolate is so to die for… an Aztec king would agree with me). It is owned by Karen Elson (it was featured in VOGUE last Spring), and is amazingly reasonable. This trip they didn’t have anything I particularly lusted over, but that is exactly how vintage shopping goes- sometimes you lose and sometimes you win… but when you win you normally win BIG. Even though no purchases were made, my eyes were very pleased to be able to feast upon all of the gauzy fabrics and sharp men’s wear.

Post Venus and Mars we wandered around West Elm (they have the best photo frames ever), Anthropologie, and Billy Reid (the store itself was incredibly inspiring…an experience). My poor Father had to put up with the shopping desires of Karen and Abby.
Like most outings in my family, the trip ended with coffee after dinner. We discussed things like “How are you doing in French?” (oopsies) and “When will you be home next?”
A lovely day for sure.
For now…. goodbye Nashville!


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