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New Mexico Love

Lately these images had been on my mind, so I dug them up from my New Mexico files.

They were taken when I rode with one of the missionary couples as they dropped off children at their homes on the Indian reservations. The area in which they live is dealing with some extremely tough situations. Suicide is rampant along with abuse and alcoholism. However, these children are being loved on because of the amazing people there and the faithful God we serve. The missionaries live heavy lives… heavier than I can even begin to comprehend. Why do they stay? Why are they passionate?

Love is the greatest commandment.


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Still in the Desert!

With a scarf in my hair, new sunglasses (from Cupcake Clothing, Santa Fe) on my face, I am riding down the bumpy road, in the desert, listening to Cobra by My Morning Jacket. Let me tell you, it is brown as brown can be out here, and the wind is quite the overpowering element. But you know what? I am starting to… like it. There’s something about the desert. I don’t know exactly what yet, though. New Mexico has gotta be called the Land of Enchantment for some reason!

Not quite ready to come home? Maybe.

The stories here are amazing. The people’s situations are more than complicated. Thirsty. Everyone’s thirsty for something.

|The potter’s house. Photo taken at Grace Community Church on a reservation in NM|


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Wild Wild West!

Welcome to Gallup!!

(we drove and drove)
Well…there is not a lot here. Am I in a foreign county? Nope! I might as well be, though! Our motel is super sketchy. We leave our TV on the Spanish channel to give the appearance we are there. Smoky smoky hotel room.
Where I reallly want to stay is the El Rancho Motel! Why can’t I just go where the movie stars from old Westerns stayed?! Just kidding, but I DO love their sign. There are so many signs like this in town. Am I in the 50s? Who knows out here. Everything is very very behind in Gallup.

Now we are all filled up with coffee from the Railway Café (Native Americans pass by your table asking you to buy turquoise jewelry, and the cinnamon rolls are as big as your head) and are moving on to work on our stories.

I’ll be seeing you!!


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Ecco Espresso & Gelato | Santa Fe

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in downtown Santa Fe… and found so many good things! We walked miles to find the perfect vintage store, ate more than a normal human should be able to handle, and successfully looked like tourists. I even wore my rainbow Dan Post cowboy boots, and got many admiring looks from strangers… every local Santa Fe resident (anybody who knows anything about anything) wishes they had them. Not really, but anyways…..
now I will tell you about Ecco. We heard that Ecco Espresso and Gelato had super amazing gelato. Now… I like gelato. Okay…I love gelato, so as I was eating this white wine flavored gelato (weird I know, but so so good and refreshing!)……


I saw this super adorable little girl. She was cool as a little one can be…

and then realized that her mom’s shoes were also rather great. Supa chic!

More from the city to come….
if I don’t just fall right out from too many enchiladas and sopapillas!!!

Listens: Santogold and Billie Holiday… a good mix I would say.

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Here, you see…the weather is cooler, the altitude is higher, the mountains are bigger, and the coffee tastes better.
Off to Santa Fe for lunch now!! Done working for the day, time to play.

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A Little Bit of Everything

Today we are working on what we have documented thus far and then venturing elsewhere, but first I wanted to share some more photographs from my time here. It’s barely the third day of this trip, but we have done everything from stopping to look at Billy the Kid’s grave… to drinking Mexican lattes (heaven)… to hiking up a mountain when the light was about to say goodnight!

I am so very happy.

|Amanda waiting at the hotel.|

|The flying star cafe.|

|A mexican latte and Interview magazine at the Flying Star Cafe.|

|On the mountain.|

|Amanda feeling at home.|


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Hello New Mexico!

New Mexico is a place for…
tornadoes of sand (I know, crazy),
cowboy hats (which also means cowboys… and cowgirls),
snow on mountains (yeah, believe it),
tumbleweeds (we got way too excited about those),
dry air (I am a fan),
and listening to Ryan Adams (nothing but him for hours of driving).

Drinking canned watermelon juice, zooming across the desert, I decided… I like New Mexico.

While covering various stories in this land, we are definitely working, but having loads and loads of fun. Every meal is an adventure, and so far our entire schedule has basically revolved around, “Where are we eating next??” My kind of traveling.

|Whitney beside Route 66.|

|Antique shopping in Bernalillo.|

|Hats and hats.|

|Walking on a dirt road.|

|No longer Anita’s Mexican Food.|

|Gonzalez outside of The Corner Store.|


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