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In the Streets…

Everything is sand colored. The streets are teeming with cars and buses. Male only cafes are the norm. There are men delivering tea and smoking sheesha on almost every corner.
I MISS CAIRO. Can you tell? I miss its craziness…how my head hurt after riding around in the smoggy traffic for too long…how sometimes I couldn’t sleep because it was too loud…how I saw photographs everywhere…how I didn’t understand anything anyone was saying around me besides thank you (“shokran”)…
I am sure some of those Cairo quirks are things that would totally overwhelm me after a certain amount of time, but for now, they will always remind me of an absolutely delightful couple of weeks. After leaving a place, you can dream about it, and your adoration for the location can only grow from there. At least that is how it almost always works for me.

Only one more post after this packed full of Cairo/Rollei 35s/Dispobable love!

P.S. Now you can look AND LISTEN! Hopefully the tunes well help to you get in the mood…of course each post has a mood. First try: Wide Eyes by Local Natives… TJ put it on my “Abby goes to Cairo” playlist!


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SALLIE + PATRICK :: fayetteville, arkansas

Sallie’s dress was beautifully refined and not to mention humongous (while Sallie is tiny), and Patrick couldn’t have looked more dapper in his grey suit.
A day of bliss. Total bliss, people.

All I have to give them is a big whopping thanks! …For letting me photograph their wedding; a first for me, having entire responsibility of the day. And man oh man did I learn! While also having so much fun!! Clearly, the entire wedding party was a pleasure, and the bride and groom (my dear friends) couldn’t have treated me any better! The preparation, the ceremony, and the reception, were all gorgeous. I mean it. I want to keep blabbing, but just see for yourself!

BIG THANKS to Kate Allen for assisting me. Some of these images are hers and she did such a fabulous job!
Also, thanks to TJ Hester for putting these images together and posting them, all while I was in flight.


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Most Favorite

Continental bakery is hands down my favorite bakery in Birmingham.
I can’t even tell you how much I like it. When I am away at school, I even dream about it.

There is just so much to it. It is unlike anything else in town… very french. It takes me far away and rekindles my desire to live in Europe (a desire that doesn’t even need to be provoked, really).
It is a neighborhood hub, one that refuses to give in to the commands of this technological age. Therefore, people are in constant conversation. Neighbors come and go at tables, feasting off the impeccable baked goods.
It is the best.


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Purely a Wedding Assistant

I had the joy of accompanying Caleb Chaney and Bryan Johnson of A. Bryan Photo to a wedding this January. I was really there to assist Caleb, but I got to snap a few frames myself with the Rollei 35s. I unwrapped boxes and boxes of Polaroid film, held fresh Roid shots, and had dress pockets overflowing with film for the Mamiya. It was the most laid back wedding I have EVER been to! I held the door open for the bride to swiftly walk down the aisle, the music was played on a boom box, and the guests were mainly family. It was on a Friday afternoon, the anniversary of her Grandparent’s wedding day, held in her mother’s home. This day really showed me that sometimes it is best to do things the more relaxed way to enjoy your time with the people you love. No, that kind of day is not for everyone, but for some, it is perfect.

{about to enter for the ceremony}

{back deck decor}

{very happy}

{eat, drink, and be married}

{husband and wife}


{just the beginning of a whole lot of lovely polaroids by Caleb}

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