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Shindig No. 3 Lake Party

An entire day of lake and pool time, an endless supply of tacos, live music, big sunglasses, and the hot hot sun!

PLAY // Be Brave by The Strange Boys

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Behind the Scenes of Billy Reid’s Spring 2011 Campaign!

I had the pleasure of playing a small part in the Spring ’11 Campaign for Billy Reid in Florence, Alabama. My time included compiling and styling looks, packing and unpacking (tons of) clothes and shoes with assistant designer Jonathan Skagfield, and assisting Tricia Coble with makeup and hair! An amazing learning experience all together, and a total blast. Robert Rausch shot the campaign and the models were Yuliana Bondar with IMG and Patrick Clark with Ford. All of these photographs are from the day we shot at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rosenbaum house. Amazing locations and such great people!

Check out the new collection HERE!

SONG of the DAY: “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars, off their new album:
This song is about Muscle Shoals, AL… Not far from Billy Reid!


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Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday…it is full of love, thankfulness, stuffed mailboxes, chocolate, and presents! There truly are so many things to be thankful for.
Also, this blog is now one year old! I appreciate your readership!! Words, encouragement, and love from others are the things that keep me going in my venture with photography.
As for today, I hope everyone can be reminded of people that love and care for them, regardless if that includes beau or not!
As for this post, here is a peek at my room, my inspiration (wall of models, etc. that Kate Allen wants to draw pants on), my red dress from Closet Case Vintage, and some of my favorite Valentines… I collect vintage ones, and TJ continually gives me the cutest ones (see the “There are other fish in the sea but you OTTer be with me” one below). Cheesy, yeah, but WHO CARES its VALENTINE’S DAY, people!!!! I am overflowing with cheesiness today!

LISTEN: Heartbreaker (for all of you bitter about this day, this one’s for you…even though it is such a fun song!), a Laidback Luke Remix featuring John Legend by MSTRKRFT.

AO:”Did I say vintage too many times??!”
TJ: “I don’t think so…”
AO:”But I said it a lot. I don’t know if talking about vintage too much is good or bad.”
TJ: “Well…I think it is okay (insert philosophy of why its ok for me to say vintage a lot*).”

vintage |ˈvintij| adjective
1 vintage French wine: high-quality, quality, choice, select, prime, superior, best.
2 vintage automobiles: classic, ageless, timeless; old, antique, heritage, historic.
3 the trumpet fanfare is vintage Beecham: characteristic, typical, pure, prime, trademark, classic.
…The other words did not quite work. I tried!!

*I’ll go with that.


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The 11.7.10 Shoot!!

So many shoes! So many clothes! The cutest model ever!
This is a glimpse behind the scenes of the shoot I did… with the help of Kristi Mcmurry, Haley Gallagher, Margaret Brinson, and Alesia Fisher….

Each one of the ladies did different things (I will explain later!!) and I was so grateful for them all. I hope you like the photos when I post them soon…I am not really a studio gal, but I figured I needed to give it a try, and if I was going to give it a try I was going to go all out!


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Malibu, Baby!!!

What do I have to say about Malibu?

Beach!!! BLUE water! Huge rocks! 61 degrees!! Modern boxy looking houses all smushed together! Surfers! Model-esque ladies trotting around! Louboutins (text Margaret immediately)!!!

What should one listen to whilst in Malibu? Taio Cruz, Bonobo ft. Bajka, & The Black Keys.
We ate lunch at the super relaxed Malibu Market and I tried on some really beautiful over-the-knee boots at a store next door. I saw this one girl wearing her Louboutin white heeled booties with skinnies, a white tank, a delicious cream sweater, and messy-beachy hair and I thought, ‘AH!! So casuallll, maybe I’ll try that!!’ And then it came to me… Oh yeah I don’t have any Louboutins.

And that, my friends, was Malibu!!
Lots of fun.

(ASAP [I am currently moving to Tennessee again], I will show you OJAI, Ca. And then you may want to crawl under a rock and ask yourself, “WHY AM I NOT THERE RIGHT THIS MINUTE??!?” That’s what we are doing, and knew we would we do as soon as we flew away from LAX…or as soon as we closed the door to our hotel room.)

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Ecco Espresso & Gelato | Santa Fe

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in downtown Santa Fe… and found so many good things! We walked miles to find the perfect vintage store, ate more than a normal human should be able to handle, and successfully looked like tourists. I even wore my rainbow Dan Post cowboy boots, and got many admiring looks from strangers… every local Santa Fe resident (anybody who knows anything about anything) wishes they had them. Not really, but anyways…..
now I will tell you about Ecco. We heard that Ecco Espresso and Gelato had super amazing gelato. Now… I like gelato. Okay…I love gelato, so as I was eating this white wine flavored gelato (weird I know, but so so good and refreshing!)……


I saw this super adorable little girl. She was cool as a little one can be…

and then realized that her mom’s shoes were also rather great. Supa chic!

More from the city to come….
if I don’t just fall right out from too many enchiladas and sopapillas!!!

Listens: Santogold and Billie Holiday… a good mix I would say.

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