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For the Love of Dovetail

Owner of Dovetail Antiques, Sally Johannessen, curates her merchandise beautifully. It is evident that every item was hand-picked by her, and that there is a story behind each as well. She tells me of her travels to France (where much of her goods come from) and flea markets abroad. Her passion for gorgeous things of old is infectious, and going in Dovetail is an absolute pleasure. Her doves will even greet you at the door as they coo to one another! So sweet. To decorate a home full of these antiques would be divine!
PLAY // La Javanaise by Madeleine Peyroux

If you are ever in the mountains of Cashiers, North Carolina vacationing, do take a peek in Dovetail!

Also, totally unrelated…but look at this POST by Garance Dore. It is about a museum exhibition and it looks incredible! If only I could see it in real life! Anyone want to go to France with me? We could bring back Sally some antiques…


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Loving Bellewether

Bellewether is a new(er) store to the Birmingham area, and I am so pleased they opened in one of my favorite parts of town (English Village)! The shop is very quirky, complete with random pieces collected from all over the world, coffee books galore, not your ordinary home goods, note cards (loooove), the most interesting furniture, simple bedding, and a section dedicated to fine scents, amongst other fascinating items. It is one of those stores that you seek to visit on special days…one you think about often, and one that keeps you inspired and always interested. I will continually go back just out of curiosity to see what new found items are being sold. Bellewether is just effortlessly cool, and that’s that! Go see for yourself, and maybe get a macaroon from Continental Bakery across the street after you do!
PLAY: “High Road” by Broken Bells

I hope you all have a very happy Monday, and your weekend was lovely! Be on the look out for photos from the shoot I did on Saturday with a conglomeration of ladies in a historic home, dating back to the Civil War! It was my very first fashion shoot predominately captured on film. I just know that each image will be like a little Christmas present!! Ahhhh, the joy of taking a break from digital.


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Shopping Texas Style | Part II

Welcome to Ponder Boot Company!!

This place is incredible, and a gem amongst the touristy-ness of the Fort Worth Stockyards. Just when I was about to give up hope, I rounded the corner and found this outlandish store. I was amazed by all of the…stuff! The materials: anything from elephant to alligator and everything in between (PITA PEOPLE, I HOPE YOU DON’T SEE THIS), were so captivating and hefty. Only the swankiest of the swank can afford leather high top converses…and at Ponder that dream can become a reality!! Feast your eyes upon the world of custom-made boots in Texas….
Today’s song… “The One That I Love Best” by Jessica Lea Mayfield…

I hope every single one of you had a very relaxing weekend! I made sure to get bunches of sleep, go to a Texas Independence Day party, paint Hartland Place Apartment’s laundry room, community center, and office (with lots of awesome volunteers), and eat at one of my favorite Jackson restaurants with good friends. I couldn’t live if weekends didn’t exist. True story.

Happy Monday to you all!


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Shopping Texas Style | Part I

Southwestern Photojournalism Conference. Best conference ever. For one weekend a year, I turn into a super techie nerd (Brad Moore, don’t laugh). Portfolio critiques all day every day! 2 minute show? Sure! Website talk over a meal (or two) at Old South, career conversations at all hours of the night, and dance parties on the way home. The conference is in Fort Worth, Texas, which makes it quite the trek. Totally worth it though!
This year, I decided to do the student workshop, which rocked. I was in a small group with freelancer Stephen McGee (New York Times and Wall Street Journal) and photographer/videographer Garrett Hubbard (USA Today, New York Times, and so on), and they are super news photojournalists. They are not only that, but they are also great men of God who are passionate about storytelling.
During a phone call to check in with Garrett during shoot time, he said to me, “Don’t just take photos of beautiful inanimate objects.” I was like…well…I am toast…can he read my photo radar?? I am not even on the same block as him!!! “Oh yes, for sure not. Definitely not,” (or something like that) I replied. Man oh man. Haha! But it was awesome. It was so interesting to go through all of the shots from the day with them.
So…Here are some of my photos from shooting time. While others were seeking out the cowboys and the cattle, I went shopping! Whoopsies.

Press play: Rockin’ Chair by John Lee Hooker (dedicated to Liza Beck)…

More on the conference later…with maybe some wise words from like, uh, Jeremy Cowart. And shopping Texas style part two. Oh! And I still owe you a post on Ming’s purchase from Nando! Stay tuned.

Much love! Don’t get buried beneath the books and articles and interviews and paint chips like I am! Grief.


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In the Market…

Shopping in Egypt was one of my favorite things to do, and for those of you that know me, that comes as no surprise! There were so many intriguing things unique to Middle Eastern culture that I fell in love with. The lanterns were my fave. Good thing the punk selling them at the best stand would not go down on his price as much as I wanted. Who was he kidding?!

I bought perfume… it was concocted before my eyes. I bought exquisite drinking glasses for my future glamorous kitchen (hahaha). My mom swears they must be toxic, there is so much gold on them. I bought boxes made of antique wood for love letters. The camel bone man, a good friend, sold me so many things, I can’t even remember all I purchased.

Good thing bargaining is an absolute must, or else I would have been in trouble! Egypt is definitely not so cheap. Anyways, I love having to work for a good price on a purchase. I planned my shopping trips carefully, because it is so easy to get caught in the trap of buying junk made in China (wait, I thought I was in Cairo?)! International market shopping is hard, I’ll admit. There are Pashmina scarves EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN EVERY MARKET EVER, don’t be fooled!!! Why are they are so tempting?? Good grief.

All of that to say, I LOVE THE KHAN EL KHALILI!!!!!

In addition, please listen to this Oum Kalthoum music…she is the DIVA of Arabic music… she is still Egypt’s favorite singer…basically the Ella Fitzgerald of Egypt. Her music will always remind me of Cairo, thanks to the film I watched on the plane en route to Egypt.


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Nail Polish! Nikes! Squash! Malaysia!

Okay, here is the deal. Small town Tennessee has no good beauty stores. I am addicted to NARS, Smashbox, blah de blah. I frequent Sephora much too often when I am at home. The other night, I discovered that WE GOT AN ULTA! No Sephora, yes I know… but something!! I made a certain man in my life bop in and out with me, and knew immediately that it was the perfect trip for ladies night. Soooo, Friday night rolled around, and we went. Ming, Margaret, and I stayed for SO LONG. I am almost positive the overly nice and inquisitive salespeople wanted to kill us. We used many-a-tester, including airbrush face makeup, yellow eyeshadow, and painted EVERY SINGLE ONE of our nails a different color in order to get the full experience. No lie.
Afterwards, Ming successfully got some awesome magenta Nike’s (look out for the day she busts those out… I hope to be there to document her strut across the broadcasting studio), while we tried on all kinds of wild shoes.
Then we had a dinner of butternut squash pasta, spinach and artichoke “purses”, and orange limonade. Next we viewed the Japanese magazines Ming brought back from Malaysia, her newest Topshop purchases, and jewelry her mom picked up in India.

Ming is so cute!! Her Dorothy Perkins pants are too cool… her precious shirt is from a Malaysian boutique… and ALDO shoes. This was right before we went to movie on the lawn to get some candy. Best idea ever.
Earlier that day we lounged at the pool and made breakfast…on a school day. Too bad TJ said I wasn’t allowed to go to class in my bikini and cover up (he can be quite the lifesaver).
What a life the beginning of a semester can be!!


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