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Break of Spring: Charleston!

This trip seriously could not have been any more wonderful than it was. It was absolutely the most relaxing time ever, from hard core shopping downtown to serious dining to frolicking on the beach looking like crazies and acting like we were 5. Also, I developed the best schedule ever…. wake up late. Eat a full breakfast. Go to the beach. Lunch at 3. Go downtown. Dinner at 9. Go to bed at 1. SO good. What I wouldn’t give to be doing that right now.

We also became quite fond of French techno, reading European magazines, drinking way too much coffee, adding raspberries to our Pellegrino, dancing to crazy hip hop, and eating cupcakes.

But seriously, Charleston is an awesome city. It is swanky. Gorgeous. Historic.

Whitney getting some much needed relaxation….or really here she was probably just waiting on me to get my behind ready to go down to the beach…

On the way back to the beach after being in town…When making the drive back we almost religiously listen to Feist’s Open Season remix album with some RDJ2 sprinkled on top…

Margaret looks so little amidst the sea. I took this while I was climbing on some rocks (boulders… you know i was just playing on really huge dangerous pieces of earth, no big deal.)

When we were at Margaret’s home, her sweet mother basically made us a full out breakfast every single morning: complete with eggs, bacon (PIG CANDY. Oh my goodness I cannot explain how good that stuff is), banana chocolate chip muffins, orange juice, and coffee. Anywho, these are the guys that supplied the tasty eggs every day. I love those chickens!

On Easter day we went to play outside…


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Reality, Oh No!

I am now back safe and sound from Charleston, and let me tell you, the list of things to accomplish is growing immensely. I will tackle everything! Just watch me. I can’t wait to show you photos from our adventure in South Carolina! It will be great fun. For now… here is something golden to appease you!!
Much love.

[Photo taken at Folly Beach, SC]


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Hello from the sea. I am currently on one of my very best and most relaxing holidays ever.

Photos taken of Whitney today at the beach house.

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