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At Home in Tennessee

I present to you the charming Hilary Borden in the Neil House at Casey Jones Village…so many more images to come and a behind the scenes video of the shoot!

PLAY // “Lover Man” by Billie Holiday

Wednesday night I sat in my little room looking at cotton candy pink roses (that my loved one, TJ, gave me) as if they were TV. Lately, not too many things can make me happier than roses (I’m sure you’ve picked up on that…way too much flower talk). I looked over at them so many times as I was reading Four Spirits, waiting to go downstairs for shelter. The rain and the storms have come and gone though, and sunshine thankfully followed…giving us just enough time to have a dinner of arugula and tomato pizza outdoors…which was followed by 31 cent ice cream scoops at Baskin-Robbins.

Last night I might have just loved Jackson, Tennessee.


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Mondays are Only Good When Aunts Come to Town

I thought I would give you a little polaroid lovin this overcast Tuesday! I shot this in Spring of 2009.

My sweet Aunt Mary came to visit me yesterday, and I basically took a mini vacation while she was here! I even stayed at a hotel with her. Plush bed, yes please, thank you. She also fed TJ & me so well and took us to our favorite place in town, Flat Iron Grille (the very best restaurant here), after I spoke at Town & Gown! More on that later. For now, amongst the craziness, I say thank goodness for family, loves, luxurious hotel beds, and scrumptious food!

PLAY: “You Came to Me” by Beach House…

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A Month of Saturdays

…is what I am wishing for!

We all relaxed for most of the day on Saturday, and it was delicious. The day consisted of: waking up late, taking a walk, making tomato and fontina cheese omelets in the afternoon (for breakfast), napping, working, and girls night! Our windows were open all day long and it felt glorious. Strange how the night before I was shivering with my big coat on… do I foresee another tornado warning? We shall see.

For now, I am still dreaming of more Saturdays to come! And looking forward to time in Texas this week for the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference! Yayyyyyy!

Here is an AWESOME Kistsune Noir playlist by Pollyn to soothe the Monday blues (I know I’ve got ’em today)…
Do yourself some good and press play (its an hour long!!):

There are more great things to come this week, like a behind the scenes look at the Billy Reid Spring 2011 Campaign and Ming Tay’s new purchase from Nando Jones!


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Spring at Hartland!

Hartland is back in full swing as of yesterday! The weather was perfect. Also, some long awaited plans are finally coming into fruition! God is so very good to us.
All of the below photos were taken by Maria, age 12.


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An Afternoon in the Greenhouse

This Sunday, Haley, Margaret, Kristi, and I piled up and went to a local greenhouse. Despite the fact that they were closed, the sweet owner offered to stay late for us. Kristi and I had been wanting to do a shoot together, and it just now happened!! Haley is a fabulous stylist that just happens to be gorgeous… so of course I wanted to collaborate with her! Kristi got to take photographs of Margaret while Haley and I ventured around the grounds.

bonsai |bänˈsī; ˈbänsī|
noun ( pl. same) (also bonsai tree)
an ornamental tree or shrub grown in a pot and artificially prevented from reaching its normal size.
• the art of growing trees or shrubs in such a way.

My fellow shooter Kristi Mcmurry. See her photos from the day on her blog, here!


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Break of Spring: Charleston!

This trip seriously could not have been any more wonderful than it was. It was absolutely the most relaxing time ever, from hard core shopping downtown to serious dining to frolicking on the beach looking like crazies and acting like we were 5. Also, I developed the best schedule ever…. wake up late. Eat a full breakfast. Go to the beach. Lunch at 3. Go downtown. Dinner at 9. Go to bed at 1. SO good. What I wouldn’t give to be doing that right now.

We also became quite fond of French techno, reading European magazines, drinking way too much coffee, adding raspberries to our Pellegrino, dancing to crazy hip hop, and eating cupcakes.

But seriously, Charleston is an awesome city. It is swanky. Gorgeous. Historic.

Whitney getting some much needed relaxation….or really here she was probably just waiting on me to get my behind ready to go down to the beach…

On the way back to the beach after being in town…When making the drive back we almost religiously listen to Feist’s Open Season remix album with some RDJ2 sprinkled on top…

Margaret looks so little amidst the sea. I took this while I was climbing on some rocks (boulders… you know i was just playing on really huge dangerous pieces of earth, no big deal.)

When we were at Margaret’s home, her sweet mother basically made us a full out breakfast every single morning: complete with eggs, bacon (PIG CANDY. Oh my goodness I cannot explain how good that stuff is), banana chocolate chip muffins, orange juice, and coffee. Anywho, these are the guys that supplied the tasty eggs every day. I love those chickens!

On Easter day we went to play outside…


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Hello from the sea. I am currently on one of my very best and most relaxing holidays ever.

Photos taken of Whitney today at the beach house.

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S P R I N G .
“It starts with the quality of daylight. The return to water. The scent of growth. We go outside. We wear white again. We leap into things. And so it begins, the sweet, fleeting rush of renewal.”

Spring is coming!!!! (I think)
Warm enough to spend some of the night outside? Yessssssssss!
So good.
And if you really want to get in the mood for Spring, listen to Emiliana Torrini- my all time favorite music for the season. She is to spring what Bon Iver is to Winter; if you get my drift.

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