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Loving Bellewether

Bellewether is a new(er) store to the Birmingham area, and I am so pleased they opened in one of my favorite parts of town (English Village)! The shop is very quirky, complete with random pieces collected from all over the world, coffee books galore, not your ordinary home goods, note cards (loooove), the most interesting furniture, simple bedding, and a section dedicated to fine scents, amongst other fascinating items. It is one of those stores that you seek to visit on special days…one you think about often, and one that keeps you inspired and always interested. I will continually go back just out of curiosity to see what new found items are being sold. Bellewether is just effortlessly cool, and that’s that! Go see for yourself, and maybe get a macaroon from Continental Bakery across the street after you do!
PLAY: “High Road” by Broken Bells

I hope you all have a very happy Monday, and your weekend was lovely! Be on the look out for photos from the shoot I did on Saturday with a conglomeration of ladies in a historic home, dating back to the Civil War! It was my very first fashion shoot predominately captured on film. I just know that each image will be like a little Christmas present!! Ahhhh, the joy of taking a break from digital.


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Anna in The Magic City!

Taking a break from Cairo….Here are some photos from my time with Anna the other day! Miss Bodenhammer is a talented photographer, a super kind individual, and loves her some Urban Outfitters! Our time together was phenomenal-it consisted of lunching at Chez Lu Lu, rummaging through her closet full of the cutest dresses ever, choosing from my many lip colors, and zooming from store front to store front. Enjoy!

Anna, you rock. Thank you classic Birmingham store fronts (Highlands Bar & Grill, Renaissance Records, Reed Books, and Zoe’s Consignment & Vintage) for letting us use your facades! Everyone should visit ALL of those places.

P.s. I could listen to this song over and over (Basic Space Pariah Remix, by the XX) and it is the most adorable video, but the saddest French film!! I love watching her dance around.
P.s.s. Guess what? I am going to Florence for a few days to provide some extra hands during a week long shoot…for Billy Reid’s Spring 11 collection!

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In the Market…

Shopping in Egypt was one of my favorite things to do, and for those of you that know me, that comes as no surprise! There were so many intriguing things unique to Middle Eastern culture that I fell in love with. The lanterns were my fave. Good thing the punk selling them at the best stand would not go down on his price as much as I wanted. Who was he kidding?!

I bought perfume… it was concocted before my eyes. I bought exquisite drinking glasses for my future glamorous kitchen (hahaha). My mom swears they must be toxic, there is so much gold on them. I bought boxes made of antique wood for love letters. The camel bone man, a good friend, sold me so many things, I can’t even remember all I purchased.

Good thing bargaining is an absolute must, or else I would have been in trouble! Egypt is definitely not so cheap. Anyways, I love having to work for a good price on a purchase. I planned my shopping trips carefully, because it is so easy to get caught in the trap of buying junk made in China (wait, I thought I was in Cairo?)! International market shopping is hard, I’ll admit. There are Pashmina scarves EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN EVERY MARKET EVER, don’t be fooled!!! Why are they are so tempting?? Good grief.

All of that to say, I LOVE THE KHAN EL KHALILI!!!!!

In addition, please listen to this Oum Kalthoum music…she is the DIVA of Arabic music… she is still Egypt’s favorite singer…basically the Ella Fitzgerald of Egypt. Her music will always remind me of Cairo, thanks to the film I watched on the plane en route to Egypt.


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