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The Truth is in the Dirt

This antebellum home, the Neil House, is one of the oldest houses in Tennessee, and it is absolutely incredible. It is currently being renovated, and the finished product will be breathtaking. Big time thanks to Clark Shaw at Casey Jones Village for so kindly letting us shoot there, even though the restoration won’t be complete until fall of next year. I hope you love looking at these images as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

PLAY // The Truth is in the Dirt, sung by model Karen Elson…

plus a few by TJ Hester… they’re so dreamy and he is a master at old film cameras…

Model: Hilary Borden
Makeup and styling: Ming Tay and myself
Assistant: Maria Ferrera
Art Director/second shooter/film changer man: TJ Hester
Video: Margaret Brinson
Much thanks to all of the above who helped out!

See Kristi’s shots on her flickr today as well!
And in case you didn’t see the behind the scenes post…click here!


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Happy Sunday as Momma Always Says

Easter “bag-skets” (mom attached that old family photo of three to mine, and made up the term “bag-sket”), dark chocolate Cadbury eggs, Sunday church, family love, a new vintage dress, linen pants, yard photos, iced coffee, a full late lunch, pound cake with strawberries and whip, a drive in the country, a venture to Oneonta, and a long road back to Tennessee… just a glimpse of my Easter!
Thank goodness we can place our faith in a risen Lord, and not something that has passed.

PLAY // “Be Set Free,” by one of my most favorite musicians, Josh Garrels.


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Nando Jones, Sweet Ming, and Live on the Moon!

Isn’t Ming Tay just the loveliest? She is so beautiful and she has such a great style that is entirely Ming Tay. This particular night, a Nando Jones dress met Topshop shoes, and the two paired wonderfully. Although the focus was entirely on the Nando portion. Vintage is just so good (of course I am saying that because I just came back from Louisville with a renewed sense of vintage self, whatever that means) and I love seeing it on Ming.

Anyways, moving on from Ming and Nando… coming back to Tennessee is so bittersweet. The opportunity to be able to dive back into Hartland is such a blessing and planning photo shoots with Kristi McMurray is always a blast, but I can’t help but wish to be back in Birmingham or Louisville! Coming down from the high of break is not so nice, but such as life, you know? It is just that Spring Break was really delicious. I got to dine with dearest Aubrey at Chez Fon Fon, get afternoon coffee with the fabulous Emily Davis, spend days with my mother, watch snow fall on Rebekah and Ben’s wedding day (WHICH WAS A GORGEOUS EVENT), eat Moroccan food at my favorite Louisville restaurant, and run around town with Mr. TJ. I also got to visit Sojourn, where TJ will be working this summer! I am so very proud of him, because it is such an honor to intern there. God has been so good to us!
So… that was break in a nutshell. A very small and wonderful nutshell.

And now finally, I present to you Lykke Li live on the moon! Enjoy. (And look out for a review of her music on the C&C website!)


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Emily Davis aka Vintage Goddess (I am not kidding)

I have never met anyone like Emily before. When we crossed paths a few years ago, I was dying to be her friend! She may be the most fabulous person I know. Actually yes, she definitely is. Emily has a wardrobe to kill for packed with vintage gems. She claims she owes it all to her mother’s hand-me-downs. I asked how her mother had such incredible things…she responded, “You have a great life in the 70s!!” Of course. But seriously, everything about her is vintage. She loves rock and funk, and is a music connoisseur. To me she is so inspiring. I hope you feel the same! Maybe after this you will pull out your gowns and baubles and loaf* around your house. Immediately after our shoot I went to Zoe’s and bought $10 Ralph Lauren high wasted jeans and a wildly colored gown. Long live vintage!

P.s. I’ve gone from Florence to Florida! After helping out in Florence for three days, I am now in Florida to see family. Today consisted of: a delicious Americano from a gelato store, the most wearable Zara skirt, and gawking at everything in the Kate Spade store. It was the most fun thing. Give me everything in there. Then I could really have a blast of a Valentine’s party. Everything was red!! They will be featuring a different color every month!

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen!

*THIS is the stuff I’m telling you to loaf around to…
“The Bomb” by Bitter::Sweet

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