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Mom and Dad, Look at ALL THE SNOW We Got!

So much snow!! Flakes, puffs, and masses of snow came down for hours and left us with no classes to attend. Such a day allowed me to work on a website that I will launch soon. A real website!! Not a portfolio site, a WEBSITE! YAYYYY!! One big step for Abby, and a thanks to Cari Phillips for showing me the ropes. Being stuck at home can be so productive (every now and then)! Said snow day also gave me some time to goof around with Mr. Hester, which was real fun. I froze and he bought me some coffee and Lee Cake from Barefoot’s. Yessssss. TJ tried his hand at my twin-lens reflex camera!
With a 100% chance of snow coming at us once again, I am going to stock up on Valentine goodies. Most people pack their fridge with milk and their pantry with bread, but not me. I am running for the heart shaped stickers!! In addition, Kate and I will be making one of our favorite Egyptian dishes. I even rented “An Affair to Remember” to watch with my lady friends.

TUNES!!!!!!!! “Crave You” by Flight Facilities*


[By the way, Kristen Marks took the top photo!]

*Most of the songs I recently posted were not compatible with the audio feature, but now they have all been fixed and I will only upload listen-able songs from here on out!


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A Land Full of Snow

There is so much of it here. Maybe not as much as there is at the Olympics, but it’s enough for me.
Instead of grumbling about it though (although it does get tiring and all I want to do is stay inside and eat leftover cupcakes and passion tea), I did a shoot with my dear friend Margaret. She looked so lovely and was brave enough to face the cold AND look fabulous!

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