Grandma Tang

Man oh man, this lady had some style. She was…well… rockin. I saw her, immediately fell in love, and the next time I walked by her she was wearing those SUNGLASSES. Yeah, that’s right, Grandma Tang is cool enough to wear her shades inside. But don’t get too distracted by them and forget to note her purple sparkly sweater, incredible skin, jade bracelet, leather loafers, polka dotted socks, and Le Sport Sac carry-on. AHHH so adorable!! She was the sweetest. She is from Malaysia and doesn’t speak a word of English, but loves having her picture taken (her daughter told me so, and since she modeled like a superstar, I didn’t even have to be told that).

So those photos were meant to be a hello from the Dallas airport, but now I am… who knows where!! In the desert (Arizona for the night)!




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3 responses to “Grandma Tang

  1. kbo

    People watching…one of life’s greatest pleasures!

  2. Ming

    I didn’t know that grandmas from Malaysia is so cool!!! LOL

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