Still in the Desert!

With a scarf in my hair, new sunglasses (from Cupcake Clothing, Santa Fe) on my face, I am riding down the bumpy road, in the desert, listening to Cobra by My Morning Jacket. Let me tell you, it is brown as brown can be out here, and the wind is quite the overpowering element. But you know what? I am starting to… like it. There’s something about the desert. I don’t know exactly what yet, though. New Mexico has gotta be called the Land of Enchantment for some reason!

Not quite ready to come home? Maybe.

The stories here are amazing. The people’s situations are more than complicated. Thirsty. Everyone’s thirsty for something.

|The potter’s house. Photo taken at Grace Community Church on a reservation in NM|



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2 responses to “Still in the Desert!

  1. kbo

    How grateful I am that you’ve been able to witness the spiritual dehydration that is common among the Native American people. Longing to stay in the desert? Well, there are a number of people here anticipating your arrival!

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